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Post by KildridMagic+ on Sun 17 Jun 2007, 3:35 pm

The number prediction

The mentalist has piece of paper folded with a prediction wrote on it. A number. The mentalist goes up to a board and writes numbers 1 to 100 having 10 full rows of numbers. The mentalist has someone pick 4 rows. These picked, the mentalist gets rid of them leaving 6. He has 2 more picked & discarded. Agian 2 more are picked. Now leaving 2 rows the mentalist has another row discarded. Now having 10 numbers the mentalist has 5 picked. 5 left, the mentalist has 3 picked leaving 2 numbers. Now one last number is picked leaving only 1. This is circled. The mentalist opens his prediction and they match, the prediction is made before the routine actually starts & no stooges, switches, or funny moves are made.

You need to know how to force numbers, you will force one number in one row. Let's say the number 32 in which will be in row 3.

A force is being used. Have the number you want to force wrote down on a piece of paper folded into fourths. Go through the routine by having rows picked and get rid of them. If row 3 is picked your job is to keep it by saying "Ok, you picked this row so we will keep it". A basic force that is used a lot. Get rids of every row secluding the 3rd, when other rows are picked say "We'll get rid of this row". Having row 3 left with 9 numbers (30-39) have 5 numbers picked but keep your prediction number, 32. Break the numbers down to 2 using the force of elimination & have the last number picked. If it's the selection say "We'll keep this as your selection". If it's not say "We'll get rid of this leaving the number 32". Circle the last number & point to your prediction. Have it opened & show your prediction matches with the spectators.

I was taught this trick as a young boy by a teacher of mine, keep it alive & perform it well. It's a nice mentalism effect!



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